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With ever-evolving advancements, we are committed to keeping you, and your team, ahead of the curve.

How do I take courses?

Think of the vQuip Learning Management System, or “LMS” as our VIP Club. It’s invite only. Typically, during the onboarding process, your Account Manager will assign the course or courses important to your organization. This ensures that you and your team are focusing on the things you need to know, and nothing you don’t.

As an extension of our hands-on approach to getting you onboarded, we create your Learner Profile and Login Info for you. You and your fellow team members will receive an email with this information along with instructions for logging in. If you can’t find it, please double check your inbox. Still can’t find it? Reach out to your point of contact here at vQuip and we’ll be happy to help you out.

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